[18+] The Peripheral 2

The Peripheral 2, Steve Q is coming from a world far away, a world where contact with other people is a dream, not a reality. He is using a special service that allows him to transfer his consciousness into a human body on Earth. Hes lonely, so understandably, he wants to spend some time with his earthly host, Tabitha Poison.But instead of letting things take their course, he uses a device in his hands and freezes beautiful Tabitha. Steve wants to explore how it feels to embrace a woman, how to kiss her lips, and he rightfully does that, even exploring Tabithas pussy, fingering her, eating her out, everything he, not so long ago, could only imagine.Eventually, he fully gives in to his urges. His cock is rock hard, so he positions Tabitha sideways and sticks his cock, though in her super tight anus. Hes inexperienced so it seems like a mistake, but a welcome one at that. However, once hes finished pounding her, Tabitha is back in her original state, fully clothed, and for some reason, feeling an irresistible urge to pounce at Steves cock.