[18+] Things Your Wife Won't Do 6

Things Your Wife Won’t Do 6Kylie and Veronica have been babysitting for a man who is just exiting an unhappy marriage. When Veronica learns that his ex-wife is out of town with the kids, the girls agree to get all dolled up to go keep him company.Lexi decides the best way to get in good with her neighbors is to make her naughty intentions clear. She stepa into her hottest lingerie and takes a few sexy selfies. She chooses the hottest ones and texts them to Anna Claire.Ryan has hired two sugar babies under the guise that they’re his assistants. Kyler and Maya want to help, but they can’t stop calling him Daddy. He suggests that they be professional, but the girls get increasingly sexual and handsy with their “boss.”Vina knows her man has strayed but what he doesn’t know is that Vina has a side piece of her own in Alex. The girls are making out in bed, when Vina realizes Robby will be home soon. Alex says this is the perfect time to test his newfound loyalty.