[18+] Dirty Masseur 2

The hottest pornstars getting the happiest of endings!. Scenes Include. Amicable Payment. Jayden really needs a massage, so she decides to take a chance and order in a male masseur. It didn't take too long for Jayden to drop her robe and for Johnny to drop his fees.. The Flirty Masseur. Alexis is kind of a bitch and her best friend Melissa has had enough. So when asked to book Alexis's massage, Melissa has Kieran come over to seduce her instead. Will Kieran's cock calm the cantankerous cunt? Let's hope so!. Massage For The Assage. Aleksa is in serious need of a massage. Lucky for her, bill is on the job. He'll make sure to put his hands in all the right places. Aleksa is a bit of a slut, so all the right places might just include her tight little ass and sexy oiled up titties!. The Birthday Blues Masseuse. Brandi is outraged when her BFF sends over what seems to be a male prostitute for her birthday. Little does Brandi know that her BFF has instructed the masseuse to give her a very special birthday massage, the internal kind.. Sexy Time At The Spa. Holly is stressed. No matter what she does she can't seem to unwind. She even treats herself to a spa visit and she still can't relax. Lucky for her, Johnny knows exactly what she's needs...a big cock..