[18+] Extra Cash

Extra Cash. Can I talk to you about something?. I guess, what’s up?. Remember last week when you said you’d give me some money?. Well I said I would you’d have to work for it and do my chores. Whatever.. Can you still help me out??. I don’t know sis, you were pretty rude to me last week…. I’m sorry! Can you please just help me!?There has to be something I can do!. I hate to admit it, but I loved seeing my younger stepsister beg for my help. She needs to learn how to earn her money and stop relying on Dad to support her. I have a few chores left that I could get my stepsister to do, but I have a much better idea on what she could do for a little extra money.. Well… you could jerk me off. Seriously?. Does it look like I’m kidding?. Ugh… How much money are we talking here?. Sis is really desperate to get this cash for her concert, it didn’t take much convincing for her to get naked for me and stroke my dick off! I tell her that there is a way to get extra money if she’s interested.. The more she does for me, the more money I’d be willing to give her.. I don’t know about that bro…. You’re going to have to make me cum if you want your money. Fine.. But you promise you won’t tell anybody about this, right?!. No one else will know but us, I promise!. Watch my stepsister wrap her pretty lips around my throbbing cock. She’ll do anything I tell her to at this point! All for a little bit of money. She’s trying to fight it off, but I can tell she’s enjoying it. Throating my dick deeper and deeper down her throat as she plays with her pussy… I know she wants me inside her, and I’m going to fuck my stepsister good and hard! Sis looks so hot grinding on my cock, I couldn’t wait to flip her oover and fuck her with her ass up in the air! With every thrust,I felt her get more and more wet for me. Finally I stand over her as she takes every drop of my hot cum on her face in her mouth! Looks like my step sis definitely earned her money for the concert!.