[18+] Study Break

Study Break. Tyler (Cruise) is sitting at the kitchen counter busy studying, when his stepmother (Rayveness) comes in the room and goes to the fridge. “I’ve never seen somebody who studies so much”, she says to him with a smile. “It’s a lot of work trying to become a lawyer”, Tyler notes. “Is it? It’s all Greek to me”, she says, looking at his work. “It actually is Greek”, he responds. “Oh, duh!”, she says. “It’s mostly just for fun, but a lot of the foundation of law is rooted in the Greek language”, he points out. “Very interesting. I had no idea. Your daddy doesn’t like to talk to me about law”, she says. “Maybe he just thinks he’d bore you. Last year at the wedding he told me he thought you were out of his league, anyways”, Tyler contends. “Well, that’s just because he’s afraid I’ll know too much”, she counters. “Do you ever take a break?”, she asks.