[18+] Hitchhikers

Ass or Cash... Nobody rides for free!. Nyomi is on the way to the bank to cash her check, when her car runs out of gas... Lucky for her two gentlemen are willing to give her a ride and maybe sneak in the backdoor.. Bella's boyfriends car breaks down and she's quick to 'Hitch' a ride... One problem though, no cash or gas. What will she do?. After a fight with her boyfriend, Imani gets thrown out of the car to the side of the road. She don't get mad, she gets even... Giving up her ass for gas.. Bethany is a very horny girl in search of a 'Mr. Goodbar.' Hard dick is what she finds, it's a joy ride she won't forget!. Princess's car stalled in the middle of nowhere, what's a girl to do? Thumb out, ass up... Need to get home one way or another..